Welcome to my home!

Hello lovelies!

I am very happy that you found me.
I welcome you at my hearth.
Have a seat, get cozy and listen to my stories and memories.

There’s nearly nothing better than gathering around the fire on a cold winter night, a warm drink in the hands and listening.
To stories, talking, the snow and ice, or nature, which only seems fully asleep to the unknown eye.

Sitting in the garden on a warm summer day, with coffee and cake and watching the busy wildlife is as great as the stillness in winter.

No matter which season it is when you knock on my door, I have time and am ready to talk.

And when I’m not at home, sit down on the bench in front of my home and read a bit in my notebook.

This way we’re still near each other, more than you think we are.

If you now want to know more about the person who opens the door for you, then have a look here. Klick.

Lots of love, Vika

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