The person that opens the door…

*knock *knock
*door opens

Hello, come in.
My name is Vika.

Have a seat. Do you want tea?
*dishes rattle and are distributed on the table
*tea is being served

So lovely that you found me here.
It’s always nice to see new faces and welcome guests.
I think now you want to know about me.
*takes a sip of the tea, but it’s still hot

My name is Vika.
I’m the witch who lives here.
I practice regularly since about 5 years ago.
I bought my first tarot deck in 2010, but it took me a few years to really start diving into divination.
Now I not only read Tarot, but also Oracle, Lenormand, Playing Cards, Runes and other methods.
Apart from divination I’m interested in a variety of other things such as nature, plants and animals, crystals and astrology.
Candles and smoke cleansing are two of my favourite components of quality time right next to reading, drinking tea, writing, embroidery and cross stitching and getting rest on the sofa.

*drinks tea

Behind all of this witchcraft is me.
A woman, who learned so much (and is still learning) through her chronic illness.
For example „productivity does not define your worth“, „be kind towards yourself and others“, and „set boundaries“.

*get’s the notebook out

Here you can find my writing about all what interests me.
I want to share my experience and connect to you all.
So, comment on my entries.
I want to share what I have to share and am happy about input to new themes.

*drinks more tea, which is now cold and makes a face

Do you want new tea as well?

I don’t pretend to know everything and not everything I say is right or feels true for everyone.
This would be wrong.
I just want a space where I can share my knowledge and experiences.
A space where you can have a look into my notebook.
Where you can roam and have a look at everything what your heart desires, you can listen to stories, which get your own thoughts going.

Come on in my Witch House.
Have a seat in front of the hearth and get cozy with my notebook.

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