Full Moon in Cancer – 10.01.2020

Hello Lovelies!

It’s the first Full Moon of the Year 2020 and I personally have felt the effects of this Moon since a few days, but most prominently last night.
I haven’t been that sleepless for a while.

This Full Moon is also an Eclipse, which is a great energetic portal.
This time in form of a big reset button.
Tonight is not a full eclipse, meaning the Moon will not vanish, he will only get a veil. But my feeling is that this is not less powerful.

It’s a lovely beginning to the new year, even if it’s turbulent and energetic.

Reading for the Full Moon

I set the intention that this reading is found by everyone at the right time and that it's applicable for the collective.

I am using the spread from Ethony from her e-book „Tarot by the Moon 2020“, which you can find here. Klick.

Spread Full Moon in Cancer. In „Tarot by the Moon 2020“. Ethony.
The Robin Wood Tarot

8 of Wands

What emotion wants to be honoured at this time?

At this time the feeling of overwhelming change wants to be honoured.

8 – Strength

What emotion am I suppressing?


15 – The Devil

What action can I take to honour my emotions?

Acknowledge your shadow sides.

4 of Cups

What is my higher self asking me to reflect on this Full Moon?

Reflect on your apathy.

3 of Pentacles

How can I slow down and stay in touch with my emotions?

Create something with your hands.

Disclaimer: This is just the short version of my usual readings. At the moment I am stretched thin and thank you for your understanding.

I wish you a wonderful Full Moon.

Lots of love, Vika

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