Year Ahead Reading 2020

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you had a good start into the New Year.
Today I want to show you the spread I used for my Year Ahead Reading for 2020.

The lovely Yaritza from created and shared the Year Ahead spread and explained it here.

My Year 2020

I personally like to do the Yearly Readings at or for the birthday of the person who this is for. This way it’s more personal and less about the material year, like it would be with the year change.
That being said, this is just my preference and yours might look different. That does not make any of those right, wrong or better, just different.
My birthday is on the 2nd of January, so I don’t have a big difference to the actual New Year.

I put a sketch of the spread into my Tarot Journal. After that I listed th cards I drew so I can reference that through out the year.
After the list I included my personal notes to each of the cards.

Yes. That might look massive and huge at the first sight, but if you look closer it’s just 14 smaller spreads combined into one huge one.

I used 7 decks for this.
You don’t have to use as many, less works also just fine.
If you decide to use just one deck, then that should have at least 60 cards, as that’s the size of the spread.

General Theme of the Year and Guidance

The card in the middle is from a Tarot Deck, where you excluded all the Minors and just use the Major Arcana.
These stand for the big life events or archetypes.

I used The Robin Wood Tarot for this.

For the three guidance cards underneath the Tarot card I used an Oracle Deck. These cards can give you more messages, a focus for the year, how to ground during the year or how to best use the energy (middle card) of the year.

Here I used the Mystical Shaman Oracle (in the German Edition).

Reading about the Wheel of the Year

There are 8 celebrations in the common Wheel of the Year, that’s why we have 8 cards here.
Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Mabon, Samhain and Yule.

This is the order from the point of my birthday. When you do the reading for a different date, then the starting point will be somewhere else. The order stays the same.

In Yaritza’s reading she use two different decks for this. But my collection isn’t that big (yet), so I decided to use one deck for all 8 celebrations.

I used The Wildwood Tarot here.

Monthly Readings

Now there are only the Monthly Readings left.
Each reading consists of one Tarot and three more cards, in my case Oracle Cards.

The Tarot Card give you the general theme of the month and the three additional cards give more information.
For example the energy of the month, the affirmation and the plant used for smoke cleansing (in my case).

The Decks I used for this are The Everyday Witch Tarot, Dragon Wisdom (German Deck), The Everyday Witch Oracle and Smoke Cleansing for the Soul (German Deck).


This is the first time I used this Spread.

And I am super happy with it.

The general theme of the year is guided by three additional cards and is more tangible this way.

The 8 cards for the Wheel of the Year fit well in the overall spread and give guidance and more info to those special times.

I love to have 4 cards for each month, because you have more guidance for each month this way and are better prepared for the good and the not so good months.

Thank you very much to Yaritza for creating and sharing this great spread!
How do you like to do your Yearly Readings? Do you use more than one deck? Do you prefer smaller or bigger readings for this?
Let me know in the comments or on Patreon.

Lot’s of love,

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