New Moon in Aquarius – 24.01.20

Hello lovely people!

It’s the first New Moon of 2020.

New Moons are generally more intense for me than Full Moons, even though most people feel it’s the other way around.

Reading for the New Moon

I set the intention that everyone finds this reading at the right time and that it's applicable for the community.

The spread I use is from Ethony’s e-book „Tarot by the Moon“, which you can find here. Klick.

Revelations Tarot.

4 of Cups

How can I detach from any lingering issues or energies from the past?

Leave them. You know there’s better things coming. Go there.

She lies back, pondering and waiting. She does not move or care for offerings around her.“

Issues of the past and lingering energies that don’t serve you anymore are all around you.
You have a feeling of detachment regarding those or should have and are working on it.
Leave the issues and energies behind. This is the New Moon and a good time to start letting go of the past.
Get up and leave the cups of issues and past energies behind. You know that there is something better out there.
It is starting. The first steps are being made.
The first steps towards the things that fill your cup.

Judgement (reversed)

How can I be more of a spiritual rebel?

Listen to the call. Be brave and be you.

„The deafening sounds cannot be avoided; the constant beckoning cannot be ignored.“

You need to go your way. Don’t stay because you are afraid. Go forth and listen to the Universe.
Change is now. Change is necessary. You feel it in your bones.
Don’t procrastinate.
I know you want to be prepared.
But it’s time now. Don’t waste time and opportunity.
Hear the call. Listen.
It’s freedom.
It’s the call to be you.

4 of Wands

How can I be more impactful with my vision?

The hardships of life are less scary with stability in your life.

„Stability and harmony can be found amongst the endless planes of life.“

Bulid your vision with stability and harmony in mind.
Thrive to create something that will impact others in a good way, so all can blossom.
Work and play is both affected by your vision.

6 of Cups (reversed)

Where in my life can I have more fun?

Let go of the past and find happiness in the present.

„He is haunted by disturbing memories of the past.“

Concentrate on the present and then on what lies before you.
Let go of the past and let it rest.
Use your time now to have fun. Create days with joy and have fun with the small things in life that make everything better.
Your favourite treat, book, tea or human. Plan something and get out of the haunting past.

7 of Cups

What can I do to support my visions and goals?

Look closely and realize what it is that you really need.

„All that glitters is not gold, and nothing is as it seems. Illusions play with his heart.“

Life is all about decisions. One chases the next.
Read all the information. Take a look behind the facade. Discover everything.
And then take your decision with your best knowledge and conscience.
Now you can see what is nothing but smoke and mirrors and what really brings you forward.

Have a great start into the new moon cycle and a lovely New Moon time.

Lots of love, Vika

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