Yuletide – a reflection

Hello Lovelies!

Before we begin… you are probably wondering what the heck I am talking about.

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Yuletide – a short explaination

I have not found a word for the German „Rauhnacht“ in English, meaning I have not found a translation. „Rauhnächte“ is the plural.

The word „Rauhnacht“ consists of two words.
The first is „rauh“, which I would complete to „Rauhreif“, which means rime.
The second one is „Nacht“ (or „Nächte in plural), which means night.
So the literal translation would probably be rime night/s.
But since that doesn’t help with understanding what the Yuletide is I try to explain it very short here.
In the following texts, I will use the translation of Yuletide. Please let me know if this fits.

It describes the „Time between the Years“. The time between the end of the moon year and the beginning of the sun year.
It describes the „12 Nights between Christmas and Epiphany“. Some prefer to use the time between Yule and the New Year.
It is a time where we have the chance to clear out the old and make peace with it because the new has not yet begun.
It is a magical, mysterious and (in the Old Times) dangerous time.
It is a time where the world floats and time is wonky.
It is a liminal space.

I know this is just a short explanation.
When I get to it, I try to compile a more thorough text for the end of the year.

Welcome to the Time between the Years.

The Yuletide has just ended and for most people, the year slowly starts (or fast).

After the Yuletide is before the Yuletide. That’s why I thought I want to write a post about my reflections about the Yuletides I celebrated already.

This is my third year in a row in which I celebrated the Yuletide.
For me, the time between the Winter Solstice or Christmas and the New Year was always stressful and at the same time, it felt like the world was floating.

This state of floating was so unlike anything I felt in the whole year that I wanted, on the one hand, to use it more intuitively and on the other hand to minimize the stress.

Yuletide 2017-18

My first celebration of the Yuletide.

Now there’s so much info available (on the German market at least) and it gets more every year.
A few years ago this was different.

My first information I got from the book „Von Sonnwend bis Rauhnacht“ by Valentin Kirschgruber (German only.) He writes wonderfully about the Wheel of the Year and how the celebrations are still in place today.
He also created a book only about the „Rauhnächte“, but I don’t have that, so I can’t tell you anything about it. (German only.)

I read the book „Das Wunder der Rauhnächte“ by Valentin Kirschgruber (German only). It contains short stories about Yuletide Traditions and is quite nice. I prefer the book „Gelebte Rauhnächte“ by Annemarie Herzog (German only).

I also bought that year a Yuletide Diary. I searched for guidance on how I should celebrate the Rauhnächte.
This Diary from Annemarie Herzog is just wonderful and guides through the 12 Nights with journaling questions corresponding to each day. I can only recommend it! (German only.)

For my readings I only used my Pocket Rider Waite Smith (RWS) Tarot.

Yuletide 2018-19

In my second year I thought that a second diary with more or different info might be a good idea.

Ha. No. It wasn’t. At least not for me.

I bought the Yuletide Diary by Jeanne Ruland (German) and really tried using it, but after a few nights, I realized it’s just not for me.
I personally think it’s too much and overloaded.

That year I also tried using a smoke cleansing mix for the Yuletide for the first time.
My preparation wasn’t good though. I am traveling very much in this time and I’m not at home. That’s why I would need my smoke cleansing set with me or at least some parts. I didn’t have that with me.
But the mix was inside a cotton bag, so I simply used the fragrance from the bag.
This worked fine.

For my readings I used The Everyday Witch Tarot.

Yuletide 2019-20

This year I got back to the beginnings and also introduced some new things.
This lead to the best celebrations of the Yuletide for me thus far.

Read more about that in my Notebook entry about the Yuletide 2019-20.

I hope you enjoyed the look into my past Yuletide celebrations.
Lot’s of love,
Vika xxx

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