The Box of Cards – Tarot

Hello Lovelies!

Today I want to look into my Box of Cards with you and give you an overview of what is in my Tarot Deck Collection.
I only describe the decks shortly here. I plan on writing more in-depth notebook entries about each of the decks bit by bit.
I will link them here, so you can find them easily.

Mini Rider Waite Smith

This is my first deck I ever had, I purchased it myself.
It’s an out of print deck but there are other decks in mini format.
The booklet it came with is fantastic. It’s small but all necessary information are included, which makes it a great booklet to look a card up.

Rider Waite Smith

I have the traditional Rider Waite Smith (short: RWS) in the Pocket size as well.
It’s the „Premium“ variation, which only means that it has the Brown Pebble Backs of the first edition.
I use this deck since the end of 2018 as a double deck. Meaning that I combined two decks into one. Inspired is this by Jessica from Behati Life.

Thoth Tarot

This Deck was handed on by my mom who got it herself from her sister.
I got it together with a really thorough book by Akron and Hayo Banzhaf (German only.).

Everyday Witch Tarot

This Deck is with me since the beginning of 2018 and it is one of my favourites!
I love the illustrations and how easy I can translate intuitive messages from the pictures.

The Revelations Tarot

This deck came into my collection a year later, at the beginning of 2019.
The thing that is special about it is, that on one card there’s pictures for both the upright and the reverse meaning of the card.

The Wildwood Tarot

The Wildwood Tarot is a deck that is since the beginning of 2019 in my hands.
The companion book is lovely, but I also got the workbook, after I had the deck for a year already.
I adore the illustrations by Will Worthington and the name changes don’t bother me.
The Court Cards are animals, which doesn’t bother me as well.

The Wild Unknown

This deck is with me since 2019, and let me tell you we had a rough start. I just couldn’t connect with it. Then we had a pause but guess what? When I picked it up after the pause we work great together and I get mostly clear messages.

The Robin Wood Tarot

This is my first Second-Hand Deck.
I got it from Ania (Instagram @rootsofaurora) and gave it a new home.
I know that some don’t like second-hand decks because of the residue energy from their previous owners. But this is nothing that is bothering me.
Why do cleansing rituals exist?

The Light Seer’s Tarot

The currently newest deck in my small collection.
It came out in December 2019 and found it’s way to me in January 2020.
I love the creations by Chris-Anne (Instagram @pixiecurio, Light Seer’s Website) and I am very looking forward to her other decks when they hit the mass market.

The Ethereal Visions Tarot

Tarot of the Hidden Realm

This Deck is in my hands since September 2020. Just in time for the „78 Pieces of Tarot“-Challenge created by Tamara Nightshade (Instagram @nightshade_tarot).

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