Full Moon in Libra – 07.04.20

Hello Lovelies!

This Full Moon is special.

For the first time I feel energized and light from the surrounding energies. Not overwhelmed, heavy and sluggish, like it usually is around the Full Moon for me.

This is a great new feeling to explore and I share it with some of my friends as well.

Reading for the Full Moon

By this I set the intention, that this reading is true for the community and that it is being found by everyone at the right time.

This Spread is by Ethony from her e-book „Tarot by the Moon“ and you can get it here. Klick.

King of Swords

What does my mind need for healing and balance?

My mind needs clarity, and objective thinking for healing and balance.

Be responsible for your actions.
Be mindful of your power in (logical) thinking.
Be aware of your feelings and grow compassion and connection.

Knight of Swords

What does my body need for healing and balance?

My body needs inner serenity for healing and balance.

Be aware of sudden change and adapt your plans accordingly.
See conflicts as a way to grow.
Act calm and patient.

V The Hierophant

What does my soul need for healing and balance?

My soul needs TRUST for healing and balance.

On your way to making sense of all of what is going on…
…listen to your inner voice, your Higher Self, the Universe.
…search for your connection to the spiritual side of things.
…be there for your friends. Be compassionate and listen.

XII The Hanged One

What self-care act am I being called to take?

Go a different route.

Your act of self-care at the moment is to take new ways and reevaluate your values.
Look at things and humans in a new light.
In this time of illness and sudden change, be still and wait.

XI Justice

What is my major lesson right now?


Examine your actions in a self critical manner, with the future in mind.
Be rational, fair and objective in doing so. The past is in the past.
Fairness, balance, reliability and equality are important traits.

I wish you a lovely Full Moon-Day and Moon Cycle.
Look inwards and listen to your intuition.

Lots of Love, Vika

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